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Top 10 profitable business ideas in India

Top 10 profitable business ideas in India

There wasn’t a good time to start a business in India as of today. People are boycotting Chinese products, and the government has also realized that if the government wants employment, they must have to support small and medium-sized businesses. Now it has become much easier to get a loan to start a business. The

There wasn’t a good time to start a business in India as of today. People are boycotting Chinese products, and the government has also realized that if the government wants employment, they must have to support small and medium-sized businesses. Now it has become much easier to get a loan to start a business.

The business gives your freedom and liberty that you can’t get in jobs. Unfortunately, our mass population is too much obsessed with jobs and especially govt jobs in the east.

We can’t do anything for them, but if you can generate employment by starting a business for those seeking jobs then you will be a true nationalist. Start small and keep improving. That’s the key to success in business. But many people are confused, which is the best business to start in India?

Today I’ll tell you the top 10 business ideas in India that are going to rule upcoming years.

Top 10 Best Business To Start In India

#1 Food Outlet

If you love cooking and you keep experimenting with different types of cuisines. Then this is the best business for you. Food is an evergreen business in India or any part of the world. But what makes us unique is our street foods. But wait, I’m not asking you to open a street food outlet or “thela”.

I’m just asking you to modify the street food and take it to some well-looking outlet just like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, etc., but in a smaller space and minimum investment.

Spend some time in professional cooking and management training and do internships with some local restaurants and good outlets. Also, focus on interior design because it will attract more people especially couples.

Choose a spot where people visit the most and start. Keep improving your quality of the product as well as the service.

#2 Face Mask and Sanitization

The world is facing a massive health crisis due to the COVID-19 virus. And this led to a tremendous increase in the demand for Face masks, sanitizer, and other health kits.

The demand for quality face masks is much more than supply. And so manufacturing of quality face masks and sanitizer is going to be a great success in India.

People are now used to it, and they will continue to use face masks even if the virus is over because pollution is a long-term problem for Indians.

You can start manufacturing good quality masks with very less investment. 10,000 INR will be enough to start.

#3 Toys Manufacturing

India imports toys worth $1.4 billion from China. Now people want to avoid Chinese products. And if you can provide them an alternative with the same or less price, then it will be a great success.

Just select best selling Chinese toys and replicate that. Put your brand name on it, and you’re ready to go.

You can do this for any product that you think can replicate at a reasonable price.

The Indian government will also support you in this business idea because the Indian government wants India to manufacture goods to decrease or avoid too much dependence on China.

#4 Yoga Training Center

From the last 3-4 years, we have seen massive growth in health awareness. Now due to the corona impact, people will be more aware than ever.

You can start a Yoga and fitness center. where people get training on how to do Yoga and meditation in the right way You can charge for membership, or you can provide free yoga training and sell health products. That’s what Swami Ramdev does.

I think you can do both simultaneously. And if you can market yourself, then you will succeed for sure.

The best way to grow your business is YouTube. Share Small clips of Yoga and then offer them to visit your center or buy your CD.

# 5 Pre-School

Many people love spending time with toddlers. If you are one of them, then this business is best for you.

You need a house on rent, have some paintings, furniture, and toys for kids. You can also get a franchise of schools like My Chhota School where they’ll manage everything from study materials to toys.

I’d suggest getting training on how to handle kids, first aid, and other things to consider from any training center.

#6 Mobile App Development

The Digital India movement has brought an excellent opportunity for App developers. Now every big shop, schools, and other medium and big-sized businesses want to have their app where they can take and manage orders.

If you love coding and have some skills, visit schools and restaurants in your locale and grab it. You can charge a handsome amount for one app.

#7 E-Vehicle charging points

Govt of India has set a target to shift 100% from fuel-based vehicles to e-vehicle. This will result in a huge demand for e-vehicle charging stations.

So, this is a future business, and if you start first, you will have an advantage. And you won’t be at a loss because there are already thousands of e-rickshaws on the road.

So, if you consider this new business idea in India, start your research now and see the scope of this business in India.

#8 3-D Printing

3-D Printing has seen a significant boom in recent years. This is also a future business idea in India that’s in its initial phase.

But in business, if you start first, you can set your monopoly in the market. 3-D printing will also save a lot of time in the manufacturing sector.

You can use this technology in many fields, especially in manufacturing, that will multiply your production capacity.

#9 T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is one of the best business ideas in India. You need a printing machine and some graphics skills, and you are ready to go.

You can sell your products in the local market as well as online. Many websites are running on the same business model. But it would be best if you listed on Amazon and Flipkart to reduce the investment amount.

Suppose the cost of 1 plane T-shirt is 200 Rupees, and after printing, you can sell them up to 300-500 Rupees as per the quality of the cloth.

#10 Pickle Business

India is the country of spices and spicy food. Pickle business is basically for women who want to earn a good amount of money from their homes.

I have seen many women lead this business and noticed a considerable success. Their yearly turn over is in crores.

If you want to start, join any cookery class first and then management class too, because you’ll need to manage your team.

You can start this from your home itself and then keep reinvesting on its marketing and automation.

Conclusive Words:

These are some great business ideas in India that you can work on. The most important thing about this is that you’ll create employment that is crucial at this time.

So, what do you think is the best business to start in India? Please let me know too in the comments.

Deepak Ranjan

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